Getting Back To Fitness After Childbirth

shutterstock_141721801Throughout the nine months of pregnancy and eventual childbirth, a woman’s abdominal muscles take quite a beating. The pelvic floor, the torso and core strength are equally affected. Soon after birth, moms who are conscious about fitness will be looking forward to getting their trim and toned bodies back.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s advisable to start gradually with exercises that tone and revive your belly muscles. Even though you need to start slow, you need to get advice from your doctor before starting off. If you are in Nashville and you want to resume your exercises smoothly, you can choose to engage a certified personal trainer.

Benefits Of Exercise For Postpartum

In the postpartum state, women stand to benefit in a number of ways. Resuming exercises after birth helps in the following ways:
• It strengthens and rejuvenates abdominal muscles.
• Boosts physical energy
• It prevents postpartum depression.
• It improves sleep patterns and relieves stress
• It promotes better sleep.

How Much Should I Exercise After Delivery?

After delivery, doctors recommend 100 to 150 minutes of moderate exercise. You need to be realistic and restrained. You will need a significant number of hours to recover and return to your pre-pregnancy shape. There are homepage tips that will help you along the way.

Start Slowly

There is a need to start your post-partum exercises slowly. It’s wrong to start strength training or high-intensity planks 6 weeks after delivery. If you push your stressed muscles, it could affect your recovery. Remember, you don’t have to enroll in a gym quickly. Starting with simple walks or light jogging can do the magic. All this time, you need to watch and listen to your body. If you notice heavy bleeding, it possibly is a sign that your body needs a little bit more time to heal.

Try Different Exercises

Returning to your pre-partum exercise regime doesn’t have to be hectic. You don’t have to sign up for a fitness routine at your local fitness center. Avoid high-intensity cardio and opt for activities such as swimming, kegel exercises or gentle aerobics. Your personal trainer can help you as you transit from one phase to the other.

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